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Donate To ACT-SO

Today, Chattanooga ACT-SO is operated entirely by volunteers and sponsorships. In the first instance, the program requires money to run simply as it does today. Beyond this need, additional funds would permit training for students, travel to national competitions, and so much more to help improve every aspect of Chattanooga ACT-SO. Specifically, each high school in the city could be monitored and the recruitment of coaches and judges could be enhanced. Additionally, the organization might be in a position to provide other services, such as scholarship guidance and job referral for participants.

America’s competitiveness and economic stability in the 21st century depend upon improving the quality of education and employment potential of every sector of our population; Chattanooga cannot afford to throw away another generation of African-American youth. Money invested in ACT-SO does triple duty by


(i) positively influencing the lives of its participants;
(ii) “changing the culture” of the communities from which those participants come; and


ACT-SO operates under the administrative aegis of the NAACP, which serves as the fiscal conduit to the local ACT-SO programs but does not provide funding. However, it provides technical assistance and program guidelines; and, hosts the national “Olympics of the Mind” at the annual NAACP convention. While Chattanooga ACT-SO does great work with its present resources, it could do even more with your help. Chattanooga ACT-SO is a not-for-profit organization, having an IRS 501(C)(3) tax-exempt designation.


Your contribution to Chattanooga ACT-SO is 100% tax deductible and goes to direct program support. All contributions should be made payable to Chattanooga ACT-SO, Inc.


How you can help Chattanooga ACT-SO?

  • contribution of funds to support Chattanooga ACT-SO’s operating expenses

  • include Chattanooga ACT-SO in your corporate giving program

  • providing in-kind support

  • providing additional prizes for Academic Competition winners

  • providing job and internship opportunities to current students and alumni

  • becoming a volunteer student recruiter, coach, or judge

  • donating your professional skills (i.e. graphic design, printing, etc.)

  • suggesting others who might be able to assist us



How can Chattanooga ACT-SO help you?

Chattanooga ACT-SO endeavors to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with corporate and other sponsors tailored to their philanthropic concerns. By its nature, Chattanooga ACT-SO provides the opportunity for significant personal involvement by sponsors and donors. In addition to providing funds and in-kind gifts, a corporate sponsor could, for instance, recruit coaches and volunteers from among its workforce. We also welcome the opportunity to expose our students to sponsors’ enterprises through internships, field trips, or other means.


And, for Chattanooga ACT-SO donors and supporters who appreciate favorable publicity and visibility, there are sponsorship opportunities available especially with the Olympics-style Academic Competition and the Annual Awards Ceremony.

Donate Tiers


$ Any




To make a donation today, please choose which donation tier you would like to donate. Once you have decided on what tier; click the donate button below to enter the tier amount or you can donate a different amount by entering specific dollar amounts. 

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