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Support ACT-SO

Why Support ACT-SO

Chattanooga ACT-SO has made a difference by providing a positive environment for our youth. The impact is evident among the former participants in the form of their achievements, enthusiasm, increased confidence, and vision for success. A review of past Chattanooga ACT-SO activities indicates that approximately 100 percent of all participants completed high school, and approximately 90 percent of all local medalists entered college while the others pursued vocational careers. In order to continue achieving our goals, we need to obtain the financial support of all civic-minded individuals and corporations. Today’s investment in our high school students is an investment in the future, the long-term success of Chattanooga’s corporate and small business communities. The program culminates with a local competition in April/ May and an awards ceremony which give the students an opportunity to showcase their projects and to be recognized for their achievements.

What we could accomplish with greater resources:

ACT-SO is a community-based program that provides multiple opportunities for involvement. Community members may Volunteer as Committee Members, mentors, sponsors, organizers, workshop speakers, educational partners, etc. The program receives support from schools, local businesses, community organizations, churches, foundations, and individuals.


In-kind Services and Gifts:

  • Printing of ACT-SO promotional materials, stationery, certificates

  • Equipment (DVD players, monitors, cameras, computers)

  • Access to technical facilities for science and visual arts students

  • Orientation receptions for recruiting coaches, judges, and other sponsors


Career Development for ACT-SO participants:

  • Summer internships

  • Student symposiums on college selection, application procedures, and securing financial assistance; writing resumes and interviewing; developing confidence, professionalism, and other business skills


Volunteers to assist with:

  • Saturday Enrichment Workshops – Coaching and mentoring the students

  • Outreach – “Adopt-a-School” recruiting of students from Chattanooga high schools

  • Judging – Recruiting and judging of student projects (by qualified professionals with appropriate experience and/or educational background)

  • Competition – Setup, registration, category facilitators, lunch coordination, and other activities

  • Awards Ceremony – Event Coordination and planning and general production activities

  • Media – Collaboration throughout the program year to expand student outreach, community involvement, and public awareness

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